Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I took Frank to the beauty college in town to get a haircut for the first time. It was only $4.25!!!!!!! He used to get his hair cut for $8.00 and before that it was $15.00 at one of those "special" just-for-kids haircut place! What an idiot I was!!!!

Frank used to throw the biggest fit when he gets a haircut, I'm talking, crying, slobbering, hair-in-the-mouth, big time break down. He has gotten so much better that last couple of years. He was even able to carry a conversation with the hair stylist today!

Without further ado... HERE is the new FRANK!


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Frank and Alice

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Frank: A first grader who enjoys pretending, watching TV and feeding his latest obsession, Super Mario Brothers.

Alice: A soon to be Kinder who enjoys instigating any and all sorts of michiefs.

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