Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Usual Haunts

Summer Vacation Week 2:

The weather god is smiling upon us and taking away the dark clouds and rain! I decided to the Frank and Alice out to stretch our legs. We are a single car family right now, so me and the kids usually take the bus around town.

First, I have to emphasize that I let more things slide during vacation because isn't that what vacation is about? During school time, I'm more particular about what the kids wear, but not now. They can pretty much wear whatever they want.

This is what they chose for footwear:

Frank and Alice playing while waiting for the bus:

And of course, right on schedule, someone is hurt. This time was Alice:

She was still upset about it on the bus:

Frank and Alice's favorite thing to do at the library is to play on the computers:

Then we usually go to lunch but I forgot to take a picture of it so just pretend there is a picture of us eating Chinese food.

I decided to give them a treat and took them to Bluebird Candy and got them each a chocolate sucker.

note the Chinese left over next to her.

mmmmmm delicious

I have no idea why Frank decided to wear shorts with cowboy boots...

Alice decided to grace us with a dance at the transit center, and the idiot that I am, I recorded the whole thing side ways thinking that I could turn it when I post it. As it turns out, I couldn't! So just tilt your head and you'll be able to see. (please excuse my voice....)

Here comes our bus to take us home!


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