Monday, April 20, 2009

Alice’s Easter Hangover

(R is guest blogging today!)

Alice’s Easter began at her Grandma’s house. She participated in the traditional Easter egg and kite flying activities while donning a spring dress that was splashed with more pastel than an Edgar Degas work.

Being true to herself, she was not shy when it came time to enjoy the Easter feast. She allowed herself generous portions of the spoil making sure to leave just enough room for a nice slice of chocolate cake.

Perhaps it started with the cake. If not, then shortly thereafter. If there was any sense of self-respect through moderation it was apparently cast aside because Alice commenced on a sugar binge that left her with nothing less than a frat-house caliber hangover the next morning complete with vomiting, apparent disorientation and concluded with her passing out face-down on the family room floor. (OK, she did not pass out per se but she WAS face down in an impressively deep slumber)

After a day spent regaining her composure, Alice was back to being herself. Her parents, not desiring an intimate and lasting acquaintance with diabetes, decided to act a bit more like the title by resolving to better monitor the absorption of sweets the next go round.



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