Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Order...

I would not call myself a morning person. I find dawn’s experience about as pleasant as taking a bite out of a super-sized sawdust sandwich. There are, however, the occasional mornings that consist of events that make them less torturous and almost enjoyable; this morning was just such a one.

I stumbled out to the kitchen to the sweet embrace of eggs and bacon. A.was busy preparing these delectable dishes and we readied ourselves to break our fast. Frank and I graciously accepted our helpings. Alice was enjoying her morning television program and was asked by her mother if she would like some hash browns with her eggs. Without even thinking (and thereby not having to alter her mental state in the slightest) Alice declined and said rather matter-of-factly that she did not “order” any hash browns. The English language contains no words that could better have conveyed to those present just what her mother thought of the quip.
Never grow up Alice, please.



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