Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Well, We are about half way done with our trip to California. We decided to take the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to have a look see. Frank wasn't too excited because, I think, it was not adventurous enough for him. However, Alice sure was excited.

First, we stopped by the Sandbar & Grill for lunch!

I got a cup of clam chowder....

and a crab/prawns with avocado melt on sourdough (I skipped the cheese so it's not really a melt...

Outside of the Aquarium, there was an otter you could take pictures with, Alice wanted to take pictures with it, but was reluctant to smile, not sure why....

Then we saw all sorts of neat stuff inside...

Alice, being true to who she is, lost one of her croc over the balcony and into the ocean.

Luckily, there was a diver near by to retrieve it for us, otherwise, she would have gotten a good yelling at.

Frank and Alice had a great time with their grandpa!


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