Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Scene: A and kids get on the bus, spotting some empty seats and sat down.

Woman on the bus: She is beautiful! What a pretty girl!

A: Thanks! Thank you.

Woman: (To Alice) You are so pretty. (smiles)

Alice: ......

Woman gets off the bus, and A turns to Alice

A: Are you beautiful?

Alice stares at A.

A: Did you hear that woman said you were beautiful?

Alice nods.

A: Do you think you're beautiful?

Alice: Yes.

Frank, who was sitting behind us, was intrigued and stuck his head between A and Alice.

A: Frank, do you think Alice is beautiful?

Frank: (looks up and down at Alice) Well..... She's kind of fat.

A gasps!

A: Frank! Don't call your sister fat! She is beautiful and not fat at all.

Alice: (whispers) He calls me fat all the time.

A: aweeeeeee. (A gives Alice a big hug)

- It saddens me that Frank already equates fat as not beautiful. I know he loves his sister, and compare to him, everyone is fat. But still.... Good thing there are strangers and her father that boost her self esteem all the time.

All the same, I thought I'd make her feel special and give her a new 'do and make her feel pretty.

She looks like a million bucks to me!


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